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M.M.M.Engg. College, Gorakhpur, India: The place where I was gifted first degree in Enginnering
The City of Gorakhpur: Can be your next Holiday destination
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India : The place where I had to slog for another degree in Engineering

Akhil Kumar

IBM Global Services India Ltd.
3rd Floor, A Block, Embassy Glof Links Business Park,
Off Indiranagar Intermediate Ring Road,
Bangalore 560071 India

Welcome    to    Akhil's    Home    Page

Hello Surfer, This is the home page of Akhil Kumar. I am working with IBM as a IT Architect. Presently I am posted at IBM, Bangalore. This page is always under construction. Meet an outdated version of me with my mom and sisters sitting at a virtual waterbody. Here is Prasheela my wife and Apra my daughter. Apra was born on 22/04/99. She is the naughtiest kid I have ever seen.

My Interests

  • Second Life.
  • Extreme Programming.
  • Model Driven Architecture.
  • JAVA programing
  • Distributed Objects Technology CORBA.
  • JAVA-CORBA integration
  • Internetworking (TCP/IP kinda stuff)
  • Digital Signal Processing ( Images specially)
  • Reading: been reading non-fiction more recently
  • Swimming
  • Movies and TV
  • Table tennis (some call it pingpong)
  • Carrom (an indoor game played in south-east asia)

My friends have sailed to this page times.