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if you think this is the best of them all.

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The Idea here is that you guys out there may be using different resolution screens, different browsers and accessing the net from services of verying speed, therefore it is possible that what I see here may not be the one which is best for you.What you have to do is to compare following images and tell me which is the best suited. I am writing it for java enabled browsers, you just have to press the button below your chosen one. It'll automatically increament a counter. After a month or something I'll see which is the most wanted one. Since it involves images it may be one of the slowest web pages. You can view images one by one by unselecting the autoload images option. If you keep autoload image option on while voting for an image, you 'll see total number of people voted so far for that image

The old logo which I prepared first

This image is the first logo that I scanned and processed. This infact is the mother of all the following ones because they have descended form this only. This is 256 color single frame GIF and to view it in it's full glory SVGA resolution is required. Because of it's big size (48k) it takes alot of time to come to you.

First animated logo

This is the first animated logo I created and it has come from the last with only one difference the outer Rotary appears to be rotating. It's an 256 color animated GIF again best viewed with SVGA resolution and big size (50k) makes it slow to download.

Low color image

This image has come after decresing the resolution, still on most of the displays this 'll look similar to the last two .The size is real small (only 16 k), there fore easy to download.

Some more improvements over the last one

This has come after doing some more tricks on the last image. The best thing about it is though it looks very big in size the space required is very small (14k). another good feature is that it looks oval shaped and some of the features are more pronounced here.

Smaller one

Here I maintained the high color resolution but reduced the area of the image. size is 15k.

So Now tick your pick. and let's see who wins

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